Friday, 23 September 2011

This is not a proper post

Maybe most of you have thought that this blog had been abandoned or that I had left it for more important and glamorous pages(yeah I wish!). Well that's not the case.
I need to apologise: I should have written this before.
But the reason for my lack of activity is that unfortunately I have been very very very very extremely busy with my other occupation (the one that pays the bills) and even though my business was wine focused I had no time or energies left over to share my experiences on these pages (but I'm still keeping my notes!).
The bad news have still to come....I will be away for a little bit longer but this time it is going to be for fun (not that any of you would really care!)
I will be back in 3 weeks, with new adventures in wine, so please don't cheat on me with any other blogger.
...stay wine tuned!