Sunday, 16 January 2011

Here I am!

Does the world really need another wine blog? I would doubtfully say no. So why did I decide to write one? Not for you, not for the people who will eventually read it but just for me. To develop my communication skills and to express my inquisitive nature in the subject that is not only my big passion but also my job. This is why I like to read, search and write about wines and everything that comes around.
For sure you will find million of more knowledgeable people writing about wine, but I am never going to be pretentious or arrogant. And I won’t write about the wines you’ll probably never have the chance to drink because not affordable or impossible to find in UK but I will write about anything that will make me curious.
Then now and here my new adventure in words starts. Enjoy it if you like it, if not I can suggest you better reading!