Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nothing serious....just Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc has always been seen as an easy drinking wine. And normally everyone likes it, especially as an aperitif because of its freshness, lightness and not serious character. Most of wine snobs do not consider it because it is not enough structured and complex. But I am a wine hippie and even if it is not my favourite wine I still drink it and enjoy it sometimes.And even if my education in old world wines makes me appreciate the classic Sancerre and Pouilly Fume' from France I honestly have to say that to me New Zealand is the country where this grape can express its best . Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand and New Zealand is Sauvignon Blanc.
Of course I am not considering those bland, flat and watery Sauvignon Blanc from big productions. When I think about an intense Sauvignon Blanc with a strong personality the first that comes to my mind is the Kim Crawford Spitfire.Highest range of this brand, from a small parcel, Spitfire name derives from the basing of Spitfire Squadrons in Blenheim during WW2. This wine is just everything you could ever expect from it. Strong, punching vegetal aromas: fresh cut grass, green pepper, tomato leaves, basil and a hint of tropical background. In the mouth all these flavours are coming back and exploding. It's crisp, deeply refreshing and with a lovely texture. It also has a long intense finish.
This is not just an aperitif. This is a steady, serious Sauvignon Blanc.