Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bites of pleasure

Cheese and wine is a classic match. A never ending, successful relationship that will always give you pleasure and sometimes can intensely surprise.

Most sommelier know that sweet wines enhance the sharpness and saltiness of blue cheeses. This is why matching an English Stichelton from Nottinghamshire with some Muscat de Rivelsates from Cazes (Roussillon - France) can be such a great combination. Stichelton is very similar to the most famous Stilton but the unpasteurised milk gives it a creamier, more delicate and fruitier taste that match perfectly with the fine sweet aromatic flavours of exotic fruits, apricot and peach of the Muscat. The well balanced natural acidity of the wine will then finally clear the buttery texture of the cheese leaving a long and intense sensation in your mouth.
A less usual and very interesting food and wine marriage would come out pairing an aged Comte' with a Chablis Premier Cru such as the Laroche 1er Cru Les Clos.  

Comte' is an aristocratic, elegant and voluptuous cheese especially if long aged. A 24 months is outstandingly aromatic and rich and the stoney character and fine flower aromas of the Chablis 1er Cru Les Clos are going to be a great partner for it. The wine will enhance the nuttiness of the cheese and will extend the flavours in your mouth with a very long finish balancing the richness of the cheese with its powerful minerality and fine complexity and structure.This is a noble and sensual match.
It is a tasting experience that will open your senses and will leave you memories of pleasure.

Pictures taken at Liberty Wines stand at Imbibe