Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A well deserved bottle.....

Sometimes that's how things go...I start writing a post and something or someone distracts me, so the post lays there for weeks. Then I find it again and I remember that I decided to write it because the wine I wanted to talk about was really worth, so I look up for my notes and I carry on........

Few weeks ago I was forced in bed due to a really nasty bike accident. Outside the weather was fabulous; a very promising beginning of English spring. And I was feeling miserable for the pain and because I couldn't move. I behaved for almost 10 days and tried to be very I think no one can blame me if at the end all I wanted was a big and good bottle of wine.

I went to my cellar (a couple of shelves in a corner of my humble little house) and found what I was looking for: a good and not pretentious white Burgundy.
It is weird how, even though I generally don't like Chardonnay, especially when  it is oaked, I always allow the Burgundy exception to this statement.

The wine was (yes, the bottle is empty now!) a JC Boisset Cote de Nuit Villages Le Creux de Sabron 2006 (such a long name!). I remember buying it on a staff sale thinking it would have been red....but luckily the surprise was not disappointing.

It delights you with exotic notes of pineapple and mango, mixed with ripe apple and a delicate hint of pear. The oak is elegantly integrated. At the palate the acidity is extremely energetic. The fruit is coming back. The apple is rich and juicy and the pineapple leaves you with a lingering finish. And all is harmoniously balanced with a medium texture, a sort of delicate creaminess.

A very well deserved bottle!