Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Corsican wines...aka la vie en rose'!

Let's start with a confession....
I don't often drink rosé wines.
And when I say not often, I mean almost never. In theory I have no prejudice but practically I tend not to choose them, not even in summer. Since I am admitting here my deepest wine bigotry, I also need to tell you that I tend to have a bit of a snobbish attitude towards those tables of ladies always quenching their thirst with pinkish fluid (and I use the word fluid to indicate the often questionable quality).

In order to win my preconceptions and to widen my wine knowledge, I have consequently dedicated myself to a bit of (purely professional) research, during my holiday in Corsica, a magnificent (no, I'm not exaggerating) Mediterranean island renown for the quality of its rosé wines.

And I enjoyed it. I really did (both the island and the wines).
Two wines especially made me crave for more. Two wines coming from different parts of this island but based on the same local grape: Sciaccarello.

The first is made in Northern Corsica by the Domaine d'Alzipratu and it is brilliantly fresh and fruity with good depth. It is a wine that offers an harmonious balance of  sweetness, acidity and juiciness; a delicious wine that goes down really well without being ordinary at all.

The second one is produced on the opposite side of the island more specifically under the AOC Sartene, on granitic soils midway between sea and mountains in a calm and peaceful area. Weirdly enough the producer has my same surname, so I kind of feel like this is my wine! The wine I am talking about is the basic rosé of the Domaine Fiumicicoli; a wine with a pale colour, a fragrant nose and a vivid minerality. Juicy, fresh and round in the mouth.

The perfect drink for a summery night on your terrace overlooking the port of Macinaggio in the Cap Corse!

Final tip: let's not forget that rosé wine is perfect with charcuterie and Corsica produces one of the best coppas in the world...so, check it out!!