Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Veronesi do it better!

Nobody knows precisely when and where the recipe originates but there is no doubts that when it comes to aperitifs and more specifically to Aperol Spritz, Verona is the place to be. It may just be the lively atmosphere of all those bars in front of the Arena or in Piazza Erbe, but this drink just taste perfect there!

The recipe is easy to repeat at home but what's really necessary to enjoy it is...lots of ice, some olives and crisps, a sunny terrace, a thirsty throat and a stomach not ready for a big meal yet!

This bright orangey drink is the perfect spring/summer aperitif, with its low alcohol and its refreshing character coming form the infused herbs and roots, and it has become so fashionable in London in the last few years that even the Guardian  has written about it.

You may wonder if this post is a promotional ad....I can assure you it is is is just the enthusiastic result of a series of aperitifs in Verona!!