Friday, 8 February 2013

Few things that made my day

I am not the morning happy and energetic type. I’ve never been. I usually tend to be quite grumpy. First reason being that I‘d much rather waking up naturally than getting forced to wake up by the alarm. And after that, I’d prefer to have a slow relaxed breakfast in front of the novel I’m reading at the moment or browsing online for news. Then the natural consequence would be listening to a bit of music and eventually starting to work.
I am still planning to live this kind of life sometimes but in the meantime I have to follow the `common people human routine` of getting up too early (for my nature), having a quick coffee and rush out. That’s why normally I can’t be that happy and relaxed in the morning.
But sometimes, something randomly makes me feel slightly better and other things during the day just turn out in a good way. So finally my morning and then the rest of the day are saved.
Sometimes I just wake up with that little energy surplus that allows me to quickly prepare some pizza dough in the morning, meaning that during the day I will know that the dough is rising and that I will have lovely home-made pizza for supper.
Sometimes if the sky is clear, walking to the office is just much more enjoyable and maybe I just find on my mp3 reader that amazing tune that I love and makes me feel more optimistic (but also gives my face that happy and dopey expression…).

Sometimes when I get to the office I find the book I had ordered couple of days ago and that looks so interesting.
Sometimes at work I receive an email that some tasting has taken place and that there is plenty of open bottles to taste and maybe one to take home!!
Sometimes when I get back home I find the letter with the examination result that I have been waiting for months and I have spent so much energy to pass. 

Sometimes to celebrate the good mark I get a couple of glasses of that bottle of red, that I took home from the office, with my pizza. And sometimes it surprises me. It smells of Tuscany. It tastes of Tuscany. It's deep and round. It has strong tannins and full body, it's warm and characterful. It is 5 years old but still young in perfumes and flavours.
And even though it definitely overpowers my pizza, it is the best way to finish this day and this week.

These are few things that can save my day, sometimes. As they did today.