Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where I have been (and what I have drunk) in the last 6 months

If any of you, in a desperate need of reading one of my posts, has been wondering why I was not writing anymore, finally, here is the answer.

The last 6 months of my life have been a big mix of various experiences that kept me away from this blog. Mainly I have been studying a lot for my WSET Diploma exams and working. But
I have also been traveling and I have been around London for tastings and events. 

I don't really want to bother you talking about my job and the study I have done, so I am going to tell you a bit about the good things of these last 6 months. I'll do my best to make it short...

I went to Indonesia, where I experienced a 3 weeks forced rehab from wine, being there definitely too expensive even in its cheapest entry level examples. But to cheer me up, I had amazing beaches, gorgeous corals, colourful fishes and always a bottle of Bintang in my hand!

In October I visited Istanbul for the first time in my life and it was an extraordinary experience. Istanbul is an amazing city full of ancient history and art.
But in my mind there's no better way to explain it than this old Monthy Python sketch....

I have also tried some Turkish wine. And I believe, if you are visiting the country, you should definitely give it a go. 
Probably it's going to be difficult to taste something that will blow your mind but there are interesting examples and, when possible, my hippie side suggests me that it's good to support the local industry.

After telling you this, I have to say that although I (deeply) love traveling, I still consider London the best place to `taste the world`.

The last 6 months have been intensely busy in terms of tastings: Wines of Argentina, Decanter Fine Wine Encounter, Three Wine Men, Wine Gang tasting, Burgundy Tasting, my company portfolio tasting....I mean, there was no way of getting bored...or thirsty

And on top of that I also had the chance to try a few good restaurants in London and not. 
The River Cafe' certainly has been the most memorable. Ace food. Perfect not only because it's perfect but also because it's absolutely not snobbish or pretentious.

I'd like to finish this long post with a note about the best Christmas present I've received: Vinomondo, a sort of wine trivial, perfect for the English cold winter evenings. Only a little advice for wine geeks: use it with moderation,it can be addictive.