Saturday, 9 March 2013

If you can pronounce it, you are a genius!

If you think that Garganega is the most unpronounceable Italian wine-word, then try with Teroldego Rotaliano. Tongue-twister or a wine denomination used in Trentino Alto Adige?
Probably the former for a non native speaking....but definitely an indigenous  grape (Teroldego) based red wine produced mainly in the sub zone of the Piana Rotaliana.
This part of the very north of Italy is a flat alluvial plain shaping a triangle among the Adige river, its affluent Noce and the rocky walls of the Dolomiti. The soil here is alluvial, gravelly and sandy.

In a region mainly famous for its sparkling production, this red wine, although known only by a minority in Italy and almost obscure far from home, can be an extremely pleasant surprise and a splendid example of Italy ampelographic variety.
And being a supporter of the valuable local productions and of the diversity of wine, I believe this is already a good reason to learn and remember this name.

Unfortunately the grape can give high yields and consequently anemic and dull wines but when the right clone is used and handled with moderation and experience, then the resulting wine can be deep, elegant and lofty.
Few dedicated producers deserve a mention, and one of these is certainly Foradori.

Produced with biodynamic techniques their Teroldego is characterised by violet notes at the nose, followed by red forest fruit and a softly integrated hint of wood.
In the mouth the wine is full bodied and with a strong temper but with soft and velvety tannins.

It goes perfectly with roasted meat such as pork, but it's also beautiful with fatty charcuterie!

And after a couple of glasses I'm sure your pronunciation will massively improve!!!