Sunday, 23 June 2013

A glass of wine a day...

Wine has always been part of everyday life and diet in Italy and it is quite common to hear people saying that a glass of wine a day with your meal  is a very good habit.
And there is no doubt about it. Several researches have now proved more than enough that a regular moderate drinking is absolutely not dangerous. On the contrary a lot of substances contained in the wine can have several beneficial effects,as said, if drunk with moderation.
What was once called the French Paradox on a CBS program in the 90's doesn't surprise anymore.
The benefits of wine are now well known. And I could list them all to you, but I am sure you won't find the reading that exciting; going through the beneficial effects of resveratrol or flavonoids etc can be a bit boring....
That's why I much prefer giving you my wine carousel of the week...

MONDAY: ....I hate Mondays. The weekend is too short. Ditto.
I need something that cheers me up, something warm and deep. A wine to wrap me up.
A Vin Santo. From Selvapiana. 2004.

TUESDAY: Already absorbed by the weekly routine. Tuesday night is the best for a good movie and a relaxing glass of Pinot Noir. Fruity, refreshing a with a hint of spices. From Delta.

WEDNESDAY: Tough day, Wednesday. Last weekend is just a memory and next is too far away. I need a wine to remind me what do I love about my job (and wine)....a Pieropan Calvarino. The elegance made Soave. A fresh minerality that it's so easy to drink that one bottle is never enough.

THURSDAY: We're getting there. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I need something easy and simple on Thursday: the freshness of a Picpoul de Pinet, for example.

FRIDAY: The day to celebrate the upcoming weekend with a nice dinner and a nice wine. Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay. Full, round and juicy.

SATURDAY: It's friends time. A lunch out or someone coming over for dinner. A good reason to open a bottle of Renacer Malbec Clasico not only an extraordinary wine with a perfect balance of fruit , tannins, body and price, but also my boyfriend's favourite at the moment!

SUNDAY: Back home is family day. When I was a child the whole family used to reunite at grandparents' house for a good homemade lunch, possibly lasagne. At the time I was not allowed to drink and now I'm too far away from home to enjoy my Sunday the same way. So I'll raise a glass to my memories: a glass of Cesanese del Piglio.