Friday, 15 April 2011

Carrots & Co

The web is full of good carrot cake recipes and I have to say I tried a lot of them. I justified myself with the excuse that carrots are really healthy but what I really was looking for was the best, the most amazing carrot cake recipe. And I honestly think that the following one is the one. I started from the recipe I found on Good Food BBC website and I changed it following my taste and baking experience. Then I added a side from another recipe….and finally I ate my amazing dessert sipping a glass of nice Australian sweet wine.Ok let's start. You need the ingredients listed below:

2 eggs
175 gr sugar (better if half/half caster/brown)
75 ml vegetal oil
half bag of baking powder
175 gr flour (better if half/half plain/wholegrain)
3 medium big carrots
1 orange (zest and juice)
some cinnamon and nutmeg
3 tablespoons of Rhum (if the children are not having it!!)

You can simply mix the ingredients following the order. But use only half of the orange juice…and leave the rest for the frosting that you will easily prepare adding some icing sugar to the juice. Wait couple of minutes before spreading it on top of the cake to let it get thicker.
One of the most interesting part is actually the dressing on the side that you can make just mixing some mascarpone cheese, some rhum and icing sugar. This will match perfectly either with the cake and with the sweet wine.

The one I chose is produced with the classic method of cutting the grapes and letting them air dry on racks under the sun of Western Australia. This wine is very rich and round, almost decadent in its sweetness. There’s a strong flavour of honey and cooked apple and, in my opinion, not enough acidity to be balanced.
Unfortunately it didn’t work too well either with my cake or my palate....but I guess this is not the reason why Plantagenet is not producing it anymore.