Saturday, 23 April 2011

Grapes and Foxes from Apulia

One of the things I liked most about this wine is the label.I know it could sound not such a serious or professional approach to wine but that fox recalling to my mind Aesop's tale is just lovely. But this grape is not sour at all as the tale originally says.

Verdeca is a local grape even if probably native from Dalmatia. It has spread over centuries and has become very popular all over the region. Unfortunately only recently the varietal has revealed its potentiality. Earlier too often it was massively produced and just blended or used for vermouth distillation. But now few winemakers  have rediscovered it and they are trying to get the best from it. One of these is Filippo Baccalaro, the man who is making the wine for Masseria Pietrosa, an estate part of the San Marzano coop.
The wine is a delicious, fresh aperitif. It has an yellow-going-towards-gold lovely colour. At the nose there is apple, dry flowers and a hint of honey. In the mouth I tasted more citrusy flavours, but with an almost off dry finish. It has thirst-quenching personality and an interesting medium texture.
The only fault I found was just the service temperature. When I drunk it, it was slightly too warm, but being the office Friday drink I couldn't really complain!
I really enjoyed it and not only because it was at the end of an intense work week! It is an unusual wine, with a fair price and finally I just would say that if you want to try something from Apulia you shouldn't miss it!

(find it @ Nickolls & Perks , Slurp or Lockett Bros)