Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Terrano & Vitovska

There is a main difference between these two wines.It's easy: one is red and the other white.
But they have got lot in common. They are both quite unusual and not well known. They are produced from indigenous grapes and both under the Carso DOC appellation.

Terrano is also named Kras blood. The reason for that is the high concentration of Iron in the soil that gives the wine a deep, intense dark ruby colour. It is made from Refosco d'Istria (a mutant clone of main Refosco grape variety) and produced only in this area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the most North-Eastern region of Italy. 
At the nose normally this wine is rich in fruity aromas such as raspberries, blueberries and black currant. 
In the mouth it is characterized by a very typical and intense acidity, sometimes even going towards harshness but always balanced with medium body and light but young tannins.
It's a pleasant wine, with a good personality but that doesn't age very well.

On the other side the Vitovska is a very particular grape probably originally from Slovenia. For long time it has been used only in blends especially with Malvasia. But more recently a bunch of brave winemakers have started to focus more on its charactestics and use unusual techniques such as long fermentation on skins and aging in terracotta amphoraes. The result is usually an intense orange coloured wine with mixed complex flavours of fruit like apricot or cooked apple, notes of nuttiness and flowers. In the mouth it's fresh, with a good texture and some minerality especially if passed in terracotta. Normally it has a quite long finish and it can age well.

To be honest, unfortunately it is not that easy to find them in UK. I have never seen them in any shop, and even if you can easily find them online (see links below) only one producer (even if  very good one) is distributed on the market. Easier for Americans, more producers and more distributors. 
But if you happen to be in the region do not miss the chance to try one of these producers: Kante, Skerk, Vodopivec.
Terrano in UK
Vitovska in UK